About Me

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Nepenthemeraki.

“Nepenthemeraki”, contains two Greek words – “Nepenthe” and “Meraki”. “Nepenthe” means no grief and sorrow and “Meraki” means doing something with soul, creativity and love. I found the meaning just apt for my blog. The name signifies happiness and positivity.

My main aim here is to spread positivity and love with the help of my knowledge.

Right now I am a student pursuing M.B.B.S.  I have created this blog to improve my knowledge as well as to spread it among a large number of people. I feel ‘sharing is caring’. The field in which I am involves true care about people. This is the very beginning of my journey. There might be imperfections but I try to spread the correct facts in a very presentable way.

The blog involves various topics on Health, Lifestyle, Food. I have chosen these categories as the basic information about these is required for our day to day life. The topics are very simple and general but the facts which I provide may not be known to many.

I will be happy to connect with you all. So, please like, share and subscribe to my blog. Be the part of the journey today!