What should be the perfect morning routine?

A perfect morning routine leads to a perfect day.

Imagine yourself waking up and rushing to the office, no breakfast, no exercise, no time for proper hygiene. This is the morning schedule of many in the modern times. This results in various health issues like obesity, chronic -fatigue, diabetes, hypertension and the list goes so on. So, what should be the perfect morning routine to lead a healthy and successful life?

To lead a healthy, happy and successful life you need to follow a perfect routine. So, the perfect routine involves the following steps:-

Getting up Early

Early morning

Start the day with getting up early at 6:00-6:30 am. There are numerous benefits of waking up early. It reduces stress, increases proactivity, makes you more disciplined and most importantly it provides you with an ample time to do other morning activities. All the night owls there, keep your mobiles down and try to sleep early to rise early. An adequate amount of sleep is necessary as well, i.e, 7-8 hours a day.



Writing down or listening to positive affirmations in the morning has been proven to yield great results for human success. Recent studies show an optimistic people have healthier hearts, and affirmations help you to stay positive. Daily affirmations keep you in the constant state of gratitude. It also helps you to stay confident about yourself. Overall, It will have a massive impact on your health and work.



Exercising at morning yields better results than any other time of the day. Light exercise and stretching gives your body flexibility and increases your productivity. You can join a yoga club, gym or just jog at outdoors. 30-45 minutes of any form of exercise helps in the long run. Don’t wait for any metabolic disease to hit you, exercising is a prevention and prevention is always better than cure.

Take a quiet time at the shower


Taking some “Me” time at the shower is really relaxing and helps you to make decisions at your own space and comfort. Rushing at the shower and just thinking, “I’m late again!” isn’t productive at all and I’m sure you too don’t like that. Keep around 15-30 mins for shower and bathing at the morning. This will relax and rejuvenate you and prepare for the day.



‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’,  must have heard many times isn’t it? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many of us skip it as they have no ‘time’ for breakfast. A heavy breakfast along with some fruits is necessary for an energetic day. It will also ensure that you don’t overeat at lunch. So, it helps to prevent weight-gain, peptic ulcer, acidity, etc.

A little time with your family

In this rat race of the life, you often ignore your family. Family members do need some quality time with you. Starting the day with a proper discussion or just a normal chit-chat is a great idea. After work, everyone feels tired, so if the morning time is missed it won’t be recovered at any other time of the day.

Ready to go out for work/school

Lastly, leave for work or school with a little time in hand so that you don’t get stressed on the way and reach in time.

Lastly, it’s about your own choice. Do whatever makes you feel happy. This morning routine will ensure love, health and vitality in your life. Make a habit of it, I guarantee you would succeed.



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